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Accounting ERP software

Grow your business with easy to use, open source ERP software that can be deployed on premise or in the cloud...without worrying about costs.

Apps Development

Transform your organization by leveraging our android apps that seamlessly integrate to ERPNext:giving your business a competitive edge

Business Consulting

Our dedicated experts will help you manage complex implementations, design custom solutions when you partner with us to implement ERPNext.


LMC -Group Commercial Officer

When we looked at the system in the presentation I was like WOW - because it covered everything that our company was looking for. It's been easy to use and understand, plus the system has really cut out a lot of duplication of work.

Wolf Components Ltd (UK) -Director

I can say that ERPNext is actually better than we hoped for (not something I could say with software before) and having a background with larger Corporate systems, I am impressed with what it can do with basic setup before getting into any development

Standerton Mills Ltd - IT Manager

The mobile scanners running the android apps built by cloudERP have provided a cost effective way to process stock movements quickly and accurately as we are able to send data to ERPNext directly from the factory floor using inexpensive android devices.

What Sets cloudERP Apart!

We only utilize open-source business software and exclusively implement and provide support for ERPNext because our clients find it very easy to use plus we know it gives them an unparalleled competitive advantage whilst also boosting their revenue.
We design and develop bespoke ERPNext apps to assist with reducing administrative tasks, improving efficiencies and streamlining processes for businesses ranging from three staff members to multi-million dollar enterprises with hundreds of employees.
Our highly qualified and experienced experts have spent years working in accounting as chartered accountants and ERP implementation specialists across a broad range of industries.

Recognition from influential industry publications

We don't just know ERP, We wrote the book on it

Yes! The focus of this book is on helping business owners make educated choices when it comes to evaluation and implementation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems

This book was written for entrepreneurs who want to avoid the pitfalls associated with implementing ERP software systems or want to turn technology into a competitive advantage.It will offer valuable ways to grow your own business.

enterprise resource planning (ERP) Accounting software systems for small businesses in South africa-amazon for $34.19 or simply call the office at (+ 27) 21 554 1021 to pay by credit card. Each book purchased directly from cloudERP costs $24.19 (a $10 discount from the list price).

Our Story

cloudERP was started by two Qualified Chartered Accountants, an ERP Implementation Consultant with deep experience on SAP & sage , a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and two senior Python and Java Software Developers. Before sitting down to start cloudERP, we first had searched for the most feature-rich, 100 % genuinely free enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, because our one singular focus was to solve complex enterprise challenges with not just another software license shop that added perennial financial burdens to already overstretched business budgets . Our goal was and remains being able to solve our clients challenges with an easy to use ERP solution that saves our clients’ money and genuinely gives their businesses a distinct competitive advantage.

From our combined 50 plus years of consulting where we cut our teeth implementing top sold ERPs and software development experience in various industries, we learnt the benefits of what professionally implemented ERP systems added to businesses but also saw how the businesses we served then, nickel and dimed with the ERP software vendor for every user added to these systems or for additional functionality they required. Additionally, the users struggled to master these systems and required extensive training. This inevitably resulted in not only higher implementation costs (because more training was required and software licenses had to be purchased), but also a great number of users simply used the system only when they absolutely had to which led to the organizations not fully realizing the benefits that these good systems provided.

Our in-the-trenches experience taught us that the true success of every ERP implementation boils down to whether or not an organization really uses the software. Whilst exorbitant license costs are an obvious deterrent to a system’s usage , ease of use and accessibility are often overlooked factors during the selection of ERP software. As a trusted solution provider that implements and provides support for an easy to use,open-source ERP solution for businesses ranging from three users to multi-million dollar enterprises with hundreds of employees - we’ve seen first-hand how getting people in different functions to work together under a single, unrestricted and flexible solution builds up greater efficiency through collaboration ,resulting in not only better problem solving within these organizations, but also more innovation:ultimately putting our clients ahead of their competition.


Powerful, functional & beautiful apps

built only for exactly what you need

Download on Google Play

Our android apps improve your business’s productivity by vastly enhancing your manufacturing and distribution processes through tight integration to ERPNext.

How it Works

I’ve seen the ERPNext Demo and I have decided its for me. What next?

1 | Quick setup

Our ERPNext expert will contact you and request basic company data that will be used to set up your pre-live company at zero cost to you.

2 | Trial run

Obligation free system testing for an unlimited time were you can experience the benefits of ERPNext .

3 | Sign up

Our experts will take you step by step through a sustainable business transformation process.

4 | Ongoing Support

We’ll provide users with training and support after going live on ERPNext.


What will the ERP Implementation project cost?
There are so many variables when analyzing what an ERP project will cost that providing average values for a range of organization sizes is unlikely to be very helpful. The key difference that influences ERP Implementation cost between organizations is process maturity. To gain a better understanding of the variables involved, we suggest reading this article What will the ERP Implementation project cost?
Why should I partner with cloudERP?
cloudERP experts provide strategy, delivery, and optimization to help minimize project risks and drive a faster time-to-value. We also provide local and reliable support plus flexible payment plans for your ERP implementation costs.
Can I trust open-source accounting software?
YES.The open-source world evolves more rapidly than the proprietary world because of the sharing that takes place among developers.The ERPNext ecosystem moves faster than it could if it were just one vendor.
Still feeling uneasy? Be prudent and start by checking off the features you get for FREE out of the box from ERPNext and decide on which ones are worth paying extra by either custom development or acquiring proprietary solutions.
Why ERPNext?
We only implement,support, and develop for ERPNext because it is the most innovative and genuinely free open-source cloud based ERP Accounting software that's platform agnostic. Because its platform agnostic, our clients save by neither having to pay for operating systems nor any other complimentary software. With this particular open-source software, businesses have their own software that gives them a unique edge over their competition through enabling unique and better products and services. As cloudERP, we are certain that our clients get software that is best suited for their needs and at the same time is easy to use because it works the way they work.
When is ERPNext free?
ERPNext is free for any size business when installed on your own servers.
Will ERPNext always stay free & open source?
Whilst other "open source" projects such as Odoo have disappointed in the past years by introducing freemium models as a result of their accepting backing by venture capitalist, ERPNext will not follow the same route as it has taken a conscious choice to not involve venture funding. The ERPNext Open Source Software Foundation (EOSSF) has been created to safe guard this from happening. The Frappe team who developed ERPNext have sustainable income through hosting ERPNext customers on their cloud which ensures a steady revenue stream.
What hosting options are available?
You can have ERPNext setup on your own server. We can assist in the set up and ongoing maintenance. Alternatively we can host you on our own cloud for small monthly fee.
Does ERPNext work offline?
YES, critical components such as the Point of Sale module work offline.
ERPNext lacks functionality or reporting critical to my business?
We can bridge the gap through bespoke development.
Is ERPNext secure?
ERPNext runs on Unix-like operating systems. They are inherently considered more secure than Windows. When ERPNext is installed in production mode, it sets up a firewall, SELinux and a unprivileged user to run the python code. It is easy to setup SSL certificates to enable https for your ERPNext site. You can also setup daily backups to Dropbox.The security on ERPNext is so tight that its access can be restricted to a unique IP address. Apart from this, the availability of its source code has allowed for peer review and has resulted in enhanced security capabilities. Also only your company members with the appropriate permissions can access data over an SSL encrypted connection — the same technology used by online retailers and banks. For more, please read this article: Common concerns over cloud based ERP Accounting solution
Do you provide services outside of South Africa?
Yes,please contact us to find out if we provide service to your country

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